My school and a neighboring school went on a trip down to Florida for our music program and i met a really cool dude from our group. So i wrote a short story about how we met in his perspective.

I met the girl with the high waisted shorts on the monorail. She stood there smiling and laughing with her friend, while i sat next mine, none of us speaking. Her and her friend turned around to face the 3 of us boys sitting down. Lexi was her friend’s name, she was a loud friendly girl and very talkative. She  would not stop talking, but i wasn’t paying attention to her, I just could not take my eyes off the girl with the high waisted shorts. There was a certain thing about her smile that showed how happy she truly was. Her hair was wavy and frizzy from the Florida humidity. And her eyes lit up the darkness of the monorail car. When she finally spoke her voice was quiet and cracking, she seemed a bit self conscious. Even though her voice was faint, she was social and asked for our names. My friends found her annoying so they refrained from speaking. After awhile Lexi had turned around to socialize with the others in the car. But the girl in the high wasted shorts stayed facing me. She told me how i’m her new friend. She told me about meeting the princesses at the Magic Kingdom. She told me how she thought the fireworks over the castle were magical. She told me that Disney truly is a place where dreams come true.Her sunburned nose wrinkled whenever she laughed or smiled, this is just one of the things I loved about her. Once the monorail stopped I finally asked for her name. She smiled when she spoke it. When we were getting on our separated buses I watched her walk away. I noticed her sneakers were falling apart, but she didn’t seem to care. She walked with a purpose. How is it that i just met this girl even though she has been in my group all week? Once we got back to the hotel she asked how my bus ride was and I said, “It was boring without you.” She walked me to my room and then said goodnight.

I never talked to her again after we got home from the trip, this is my only regret in life.



From all the windows
The sun will play along.
We’ll forget the difference
Between right and wrong.
I feel the sunburn,
The light we grew up with.
We’ll forget the past, dear,
And learn to live for this.